Monday, February 1, 2010

Bonita to Sunset

East side of Pinaleno Mountains off hwy 266
This crossing of Ash Creek looked deep but it was only fast-moving.
This crossing of High Creek or Harrison Creek? was too deep and rocky for little Jeep!

The creek in Coronado Camp area.

Looking east to the Pinaleno Mountains.

Great day for a drive! Headed out with Dave,Barb and Red towards Willcox, all paved roads until we turned off at Bonita. Along the way we passed the many greenhouses(hydroponic tomatoes) and apple and pecan orchards. This valley lies between the Pinaleno and Galiuro Mountains and reminds us of southern Ontario farming. The mountains were topped with an abundance of snow and the streams were running. We had to cross the various creeks 4 times. After passing thru Sunset(don't blink) which had no sign, just a few vacant buildings, we came upon a Coronado National Forest camp area,had lunch and did some exploring. We tried to travel into the forest but the creek was too much of a challenge. From there we returned to Bonita(only a few houses and a vacant mercantile building) we headed down hwy 266 across lower section of the Pinaleno mountains. We found a 4x4 road and did some exploring in to a very picturesque valley. We returned to Benson via hwy 191 and 10. What a great day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mescal Road Waterfall Jan 2010

Just west and north of Benson up Mescal Road is a beautiful waterfall. Because of all of the recent rains the waterfall was running! Mescal Road wasn't as rough as usual but because of the rains we had to cross the creek 5 times on the way in,some places were pretty deep, but no one got stuck!

Ocotillo Road North of Benson

Rincon Mountains

We headed out for a Sunday drive to the end of Ocotillo Rd. 18 miles away. Along the way we entered a small canyon, the passage was just wide enough for the Jeep. After we stopped we let Trax out for a run and he immediately spotted a jack and gave chase. Well, he didn't catch the fast moving critter but he did injure his right front paw!

Hiking in Cochise Stronghold 2010

Dragoon mountains, Cochise hideout.
Red,George,Don & Dale

George & Fran at the divide.

It was a beautiful day and after an off-road adventure on the way to the Dragoons we entered the East Stronghold Park Campground. There were a few people camping in this picturesque spot, some in tents(brrrrrr). After making use of the facilities we headed out on the trail. It's a steady climb up to the East-West divide(some 3 miles away) a vertical height gain of about 1,000 ft. There was some snow on the trail, but the biggest surprise was that "Half Moon Tank" a small crescent shaped dam was completely dry!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Soren Pass in the "Dragoon Mountains"

We managed to get by this spot, but the next was much worse!

Started out Tuesday morning with four 4x4's, Dave & Barb,Tom and Fran with Don,Herb and Marilyn. Headed towards Tombstone and turned onto Middlemarch Road(just as bumpy and dusty as before). Climbed up to Middlemarch Pass and began the offroad adventure to Soren Pass some 5 miles away. The going was rough from the outset and it got worse. There were some snowy patches along the route but mostly in the sunless areas. We were able to travel very slowly for about 2 miles when we came upon a rock and a hard place. We were unable to get past this spot(along with Fran & Tom in their Cherokee) but Dave and Barb(Rodeo) and Herb and Marilyn(Mitsubishi) were better equipped to handle the rough terrain. They were able to proceed a little further but came upon an area that was almost impassable, so they turned around too. We had backed up down the trail and found a place to turn around and located a spot to have lunch. The day was bright and the temp was 51F. We returned to Middlemarch Pass and did a little hike while waiting for the others. We returned to San Pedro via Sunsites.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Off-roading in Muleshoe Ranch Preserve

The area is very rugged and the road(if you can call it that) is challenging, but the scenery is beautiful. Sue's description of the road is " Oh My God"

Off-roading in Muleshoe Ranch Preserve

This cabin rents for $15.00/night and as you can see is primitive. It is reached via the 4x4 road some 6 miles from the main gate.