Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fall 2009

Fall 2009

Me and my buddy Trax

Fall 2009

The view down to the lake

After moving the workshop trailer (4th time) the portable garage (4th time) and the large pile of lumber (must be 10th time at least) we can finally see the lake!

The Lattice

No cabin would be complete without the addition of lattice around the bottom perimeter, and of course we had to make our own. We started out with rough 1x6 cedar, and after the thickness plainer, the compound saw, the band saw, the air stapler and about 5 days of staining the pieces were ready for installation. But first we had to add a framework of 2x4 and 2x2 pressure treated boards. Our neighbour Pat came over while I was building the panels and his comment was "you can buy this stuff already made you know". Thanks Pat but you know I like to make my own.

Cabin 2009

We finally finished the cabin exterior! Last summer we added on the bedroom and we were able to finish the interior but then I took sick. In between surgery and recovery etc Sue and I were able to mill the tongue and groove cedar siding from 1x6 rough boards, it took a few days but they turned out well. Since I wasn't able to install the siding I had to sit and watch Sue and Nancy work, and they did a fine job. Of course I had to not only sit and watch but I had to be quiet as well! I only gave a little advice now and then.